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yoga80 Student Highlight: Luis Gutierrez

yoga80 Student Highlight: Luis Gutierrez

What is your idea of the perfect yoga practice?

I like to start in Lotus and take a few minutes to clear my mind.  From there I move into Child’s pose to really focus on the breath and completely let go.  I really enjoy Reegan’s A and B sets that she teaches to warm up so I do those a couple of times each.  From there I like to have a balance between heart and hip opening poses.  Lately I’m trying to practice poses I have issues with like Trikonasana or “tricky – asana” which is just what I call it because that’s what it is for me.  I like to throw in a couple of arm balances and inversions here and there.  My practice always changes depending on how I feel that day but I always like to end it back where I started with a prayer in Lotus after Savasana.

What do you like most about yoga?

Yoga, in a way, forces me to be in the present moment so that my mind isn’t cluttered with thoughts about anything other than what I’m doing right now.  I also feel that Yoga is a very selfless practice.  I don’t know many things you can walk into thinking, “I’m going to calm my mind and create this powerful energy so that I may be a better person for the people around me.”  That’s the way I feel about it..

What pose or practice do you do daily?

I recently added Koundinyasana II to my practice which is really exciting.  I’m slowly working into an inversion from that but I can’t remember either name for it.  Maybe if I get the names right I’ll be able to pull it off! haha!


Luis’ Stuff

  • Savasana Song- “J’Arrive A La Ville” by Lhasa de la Sela… Introduced to me by Will at Mystic Water.
  • Yoga Pants-I’ve been rocking the Rusty boardshorts lately and I like them
  • Sports Bra-Do I need one?
  • Yoga Mat- bright lime green mat from Yoga80
  • Yoga Towel- bright lime green Yogitoes from Yoga80
  • Color-  Blue…but green is a close second
  • Flower- Red Lotus – signifies the original nature and purity of the heart : )
  • Vegetable-Broccoli… Don’t know why it makes me smile but it does
  • Fruit- Pineapple all day