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yoga80 Student Highlight: Dina Rulli

yoga80 Student Highlight: Dina Rulli

What is your idea of the perfect yoga practice?

my perfect practice is a more unconventional flow which forces me to really engage my listening skills in order to focus on the teacher’s instructions. i find that focusing my attention on the teacher’s words really allows me to be present. the flow would start out with a nontraditional surya namaskar A, similar to the dharma III sequence, which includes heart opening poses and hamstring stretches. then into a variety of standing/warrior postures with a twisted side chair into side crow. there would be a couple other arm balances and then would wind down with stretching postures and finish with a long savasana.

What do you like most about yoga?

there are a few things that repeatedly bring me back to yoga. from a physical perspective it is the the increased flexibility and strength. emotionally, i feel that it has allowed me to open my heart to being more patient, loving, and compassionate. and finally, from a mental perspective, it has allowed me to remain positive in stressful situations and approach things from a calm and confident place.

What pose or practice do you do daily?

half pigeon (eka pada rajakapotasana) – i love how it opens up and releases my hips and also calms me. i also try and do an inversion daily, whether it be headstand, forearm stand, or handstand. still working on mastering the latter two.


Dina’s Stuff

  • Savasana Song – krishna das, god is real
  • Yoga Pants – zella ‘live in’ capris
  • Sports Bra – champion
  • Yoga Mat – manduka black mat pro
  • Yoga Towel – a borrow one from sorrento valley racquetball club 🙂
  • Color – green
  • Flower – orchid
  • Vegetable – cucumber
  • Fruit – it’s a tie between lemon and avocado