Students Who Have “Expanded Their Practice” With Teacher Training

Erica Rood
For me, 80 Teacher Training was an incredibly valuable journey. Learning a specific yoga sequence, proper alignment, and the roots of yoga has not only transformed my personal practice, but it has given me inspiration to share the magic of yoga with others. The instructors and experts involved in 80 Teacher Training were amazing and each uniquely talented. I love yoga so much more thanks to my wonderful experiences at 80!!
Erica Rood yoga80 Instructor
80 Teacher Training was amazing. If you have ever even thought of doing it, for whatever reason, go for it. You will be changed forever.
Cindy Schaub yoga80 Teacher Training Alumni and Instructor
Tami Magaro
The teacher training at 80 was an awesome and priceless experience. I took away three things from this experience, friendship, expanded my practice to new heights, and breaking through my public speaking barriers. I highly recommend it!!
Tami Magaro yoga80 Instructor
I am so happy I took part in this training. It is such a unique and life changing experience and I made so many great friends along the way to share this with. Thank you Reegan, Merrin and Jano for giving me this opportunity.
Karin Ernstrom yoga80 Teacher Training Alumni
This training really transformed my practice and broadened my understanding of yoga! It was one of the most enlightening 200 hours of my life! Thanks so much 80!
Kevin Lee yoga80 Teacher Training Alumni
Melinda Dixon
The teacher training opened up a whole new world for me. My mind, body, and soul have been taken to new heights.

Melinda Dixon yoga80 Instructor
Jocelyn Diaz
My practice flourished when I started at 80. I never thought I would have the courage to become a yoga instructor, but with the love, encouragement, and care of Reegan and all of the instructors who helped shape my practice into what it endlessly is becoming it truly was the most amazing experience. Not only was I able to connect on a spiritual, and physical level but it also helped me to connect to people … to really open up my heart and my mind. Yoga is an endless gift that I am ready to share with the world and what better way than to take time for yourself … to take that journey inward and explore your endless possibilities! If you decide to expand your practice with the 200 hour training, you will gain so much knowledge of yourself, what you may think at times is impossible, and look back and have that “A-HA!” moment and find yourself asking … what’s next? What greater feeling is better than that?
Jocelyn Diaz yoga80 Teacher Training Alumni and Instructor
Signing up for the 80 Teacher Training was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It is the best gift you can give yourself and the best way to start the new year. If you want to expand your practice, meet new incredible people, and push yourself to limits you never thought were possible, then sign up now and I promise you won’t regret it!
Perrin Cook yoga80 Teacher Training Alumni and Instructor