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Student Testimonials

Two years ago I was involved in a serious car accident which left me unable to walk. After spending my life as an athlete, I was learning to put socks on with a trash picker.

The doctor told me I would need two disks in my spine replaced with mechanical ones and would never play sports again. I refused that outcome and decided against the surgery.

For a year I tried every treatment known to western medicine and lived in constant pain, but nothing worked. As a last resort before submitting to surgery I decided to try yoga.

Reegan, her staff and students at yoga80 made me feel welcome and it didn’t matter if I couldn’t even touch my toes. After the first month of regular practice with caring guidance from the yoga80 instructors my life changed.

I fell in love with yoga. I learned how to heal and care for my body which gave my freedom back. I’ve never left the studio wishing a class would have been something more. Every detail from the room temperature, music and the sense of community is well thought out.

A year later I live pain free and I’m able to compete again. I even look forward to expanding my practice through yoga80’s Teacher Training, so I can share the gift of yoga with others. Thank you yoga80″!

Lynette Braun

National Physique Committee, Figure Competitor

Without private and group classes at yoga80, I would not have a yoga practice. I’m sure I would have injured myself in small and large ways without getting the individual attention to proper alignment. I started yoga at 40 years of age and feel stronger, happier, and more pain free at 50 than 40. Reegan has been my source of yoga inspiration”!
Donna Jennings
I’ve studied and practiced yoga with different studios and instructors over the last 15 years and the past 4 have been at yoga80. Reegan and her instructors are by far the most passionate and inspiring I have had the opportunity to take classes from. Being a corporate manager for a fortune 500 company can be very stressful. I found coming to yoga80 has been the best solution to managing the stress of my day to day life”.
Randy Calentine