Be the Center of Attention

Are you interested in focused, prescribed, individually tailored yoga instruction? Consider taking a Private Yoga Class. Yoga was originally passed down from the master teacher to an individual student with the yoga routine based on the student’s health, body type and lifestyle. A skillful yoga80 instructor will do the same for you. Classes are 60 minutes.

A Few Benefits of Private Classes:

  • Schedule regular private yoga classes most convenient to your busy lifestyle
  • Work on specific health issues like stress, lack of sleep, extra weight or back pain
  • Focus on yoga postures which will help your game of golf, tennis, running, surfing and etc.
  • Learn to master advanced postures like headstand, forearm stand and other arm balancings
  • Learn the yoga80 SET sequence which you can practice at home, on vacation or with friends
  • Receive individualized advice on nutrition, lifestyle, and other wellness topics


Private Yoga Class (yoga80 studio)

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Private Yoga Class (your location)

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