Yoga Teacher Training Graduate
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yoga80 “Teacher Training Graduate” Sara Germain

yoga80 “Teacher Training Graduate” Sara Germain


Why did you choose the yoga80 200-Hour “Expand Your Practice” Teacher Training?

Before I started going to yoga80, I had never done a headstand in my life. In the first class I took, Reegan taught me how to properly take a headstand without using a wall. That was the moment I knew yoga80 was something special.


All of the yoga classes I had ever taken always had students practicing headstand against the wall, which is not teaching you how to properly use and connect with your own body. The high level of teaching and emphasis on alignment at yoga80 is what sold me on doing my 200 hour teacher training there, and I am so happy I did!


Reegan is an amazing instructor and I am beyond thankful for all the knowledge and skills she’s taught me and continues to teach me about yoga.


How has the experience of participating in yoga80 Teacher Training impacted your life?

The teacher training has completely transformed my life both physically and emotionally. My body has never felt better, I feel so much stronger and more connected to my body than I ever have been. I am able to handle day-to-day stress and emotional situations with ease thanks to incorporating yoga into my life daily. I notice a big difference in my mood and energy levels if I don’t practice yoga every day. On top of that, the teacher training gave me the skills to be confident and safe while practicing yoga.


I had never dreamed of doing forearm stand or handstand and it always stuck with me when Reegan said, “you will be taking many different yoga poses upside down in a year”! Now a year later, I am practicing advanced inversions daily 🙂


Are you a yoga80 Instructor and if so, how has teaching affected your yoga practice?

Yes! Teaching has given me much more confidence and understanding of yoga. Being able to take an objective look at students helps me to realize, we often all struggle with the same things in yoga poses. This has given be better awareness of what to cue during class and what to look out for in my own practice.


Tell us about your “Glory” moment from yoga80 Teacher Training.

I set a goal for myself to be able to do (and hold) a forearm stand by the end of teacher training. We were wrapping up the last 2 weeks and I still hadn’t accomplished my goal, but low and behold, I did it in the last week! I was ecstatic and so grateful for all of Reagan’s support and tips, which helped me accomplish my goal by the end of the training. I love that Reegan made sure to give each teacher training student, special attention based on their own goals and poses they were working on.


Sara’s Favorite…

yoga pose is Lotus in Handstand
savansana song is “Closing Prayers” by Bhagavan Das
yoga pants are from Lululemon
sports bra is from Lululemon
yoga mat is Manduka
yoga towel is Yogitoes
color is Turquoise
flower is a Lily
vegetable is Broccoli
fruit is Watermelon


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