Yoga Teacher Training Graduate
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yoga80 “Teacher Training Graduate” Audrey McConnell

yoga80 “Teacher Training Graduate” Audrey McConnell


Why did you choose the yoga80 200-Hour “Expand Your Practice” Teacher Training?

I had been practicing at yoga80 for over three years at the time, and had seen first-hand the positive impact the teacher training had on the trainees’ practices. I knew I wanted to go deeper in my own practice, but was initially skeptical about the time commitment. At Reegan and Rob’s encouragement, I finally decided to take the plunge and am very happy that I did.


How has the experience of participating in yoga80 Teacher Training impacted your life?

Actually, I have been surprised by how much and how positively the teacher training has impacted my life. Not only have I grown stronger in my personal practice, but have also become more aware of the importance of taking care of my mind and body in all aspects of life. This includes everything from diet to my career and personal relationships.


Are you a yoga80 Instructor and if so, how has teaching affected your yoga practice?

I am an instructor, and teaching has taken my practice to a whole new level. Leading a class full of people, all with different body types and backgrounds, forces you to really understand the anatomy of each pose. It is also incredibly motivating to see people accomplish things that they did not think possible.


Tell us about your “Glory” moment from yoga80 Teacher Training.

The first one that comes to mind was during one of our anatomy workshops with Pam Minix. I am also a runner, and have had issues with knee pain ever since high school. Pam noticed that I was not engaging all of the muscles in my right quad, and walked me through an intense meditation to reestablish the connection. I realized just how essential it is to actively engage and connect with my muscles in order to prevent and recover from injury.


Audrey’s Favorite…

yoga pose is a heart-opening pose like wheel and camel

savansana song is “Lullaby” by Sia

yoga pants are Lululemon “Wunder Under” in bright colors and prints

sports bra is Lululemon “Energy” bra

yoga mat is Manduka

yoga towel is “With the right mat I don’t need a towel”

color is Dark Red

flower is Dark Red Calla Lily

vegetable is Cucumber

fruit is Sweet-Tart Cherries 


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