Reegan's Transformation: Part 1
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Reegan’s Transformation: Part 1

Reegan’s Transformation: Part 1


Reegan’s Transformation: Part 1

Proper nutrition, cleansing techniques as well as a consistent physical practice are all part of my daily routines I use to create a healthy lifestyle. Looking back at my childhood it is completely understandable I had a skewed concept how to create optimum health. Yoga has been the bridge for me to proper nutrition, as well as feeling comfortable in my own body.

Have you seen the movie “Fast Food Nation”? I was the perfect candidate for the fast food industry. While growing up I did have some positive influences with nutrition, but most of my diet was processed foods, fast food and lots of meat.

As a child of divorced parents, there were many days breakfast was powdered donuts and orange juice from the gas station on the way to school, and dinner was a happy meal on our way home. I had always considered 7-11 to be a grocery store and as a baby fed Cola Slurpee in my bottle. My junior high and high school was sponsored by Pepsi and both had their very own Pizza Hut on campus.

Exercise and physical movement was one healthy activity I was introduced to from the beginning, but it took 18 years for me to find yoga. My mom taught aerobics classes and dragged me along some of the time and when I was 14 years old I had my first gym membership, but my memories of exercising during these early years was sporadic, boring and disconnected.

It was the late 80’s and early 90’s listening to songs like “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by the band Simple Minds, watching lots of MTV, seeing plastic surgery become the norm, celebrity magazines and lots of fast food.

My body type was not in and all I saw were my short comings with every music video I watched and magazine I bought. Big boobs and long legs were everywhere and my body was just the opposite. I did not stand a chance at proper body image.

Then in 1995 at 18 years old, some friends invited me to my first yoga class. It was an Ashtanga based yoga class at the Quintana Roo Bike Shop in San Marcos, where a tall, brunette, mild natured and fit woman rented the space to hold her class. She blew my mind! The practice was hard but touched me deeply, I couldn’t believe how fast the time went, and it was unlike anything I had ever done. I was so moved by the class, afterwards I went up to the teacher and hugged her tight.

Right away I thought yoga is my way of exercising, this is my way of staying fit, this is my thing. Little did I know how vast the subject of yoga is and the depth of self knowledge one receives from the practice. What I did know…I wanted more!

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