Yoga 80 | Healing and a “Personal Yoga Practice”
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Healing and a “Personal Yoga Practice”

Healing and a “Personal Yoga Practice”


Rob’s Personal Yoga Practice
In 1995 at 35 years old I was losing the use of my legs and suffering from seven years of “10 out of 10” chronic pain.


Luckily a friend convinced me go to a yoga class. My life changed in a permanent and positive way because yoga provided pain relief and hope. That was 20 years ago.


I could have been in a wheel chair, but at 55 years young I am taking backbends in the sun whenever I choose. I owe the change in my body and recovery from chronic pain to a “Personal Yoga Practice”.


Through a personal yoga practice you can take charge of your health and well being. This is why we help students at yoga80 develop personal yoga practices. Come to yoga80 and change your life too!



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