Yoga 80 | 30-Day “Self Awareness Challenge”
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30-Day “Self Awareness Challenge”

30-Day “Self Awareness Challenge”


30-Day “Self-Awareness Challenge”

Get ready to take action with yoga, better nutrition and cleansing by participating in the yoga80, “Self-Awareness Challenge”.

We tend to lose our healthy routines during summer with kids out of school, vacations, family events, barbecues and more. Join yoga80 instructors and get back on track before the holidays throw you off again.

Here is how is works:

Starting October 1, commit to practicing yoga for 30 days in a row along with other healthy habits. If you can’t make it to the studio do a home practice. There are yoga sequences and healthy recipes you can follow on the yoga80 blog at

Track your progress at the studio and earn a gold star for the following:

  • completed yoga practice
  • drink a fresh green juice
  • jump in the ocean
  • take an epsom salt bath
  • cleanse your sinuses with neti pot
  • meditate 5 minutes
  • practice 5 rounds of alternate nostril breathing
  • chant “om” 5 minutes
  • practice yoga nidra with Reegan
  • take a “before and after” selfie

After the 30 days you will be stronger, more flexible, healthier and have a clearer mind. This will put you back on track after all that summer fun and get you ready for the coming holiday season. yoga80 will award a special gift to the student with the most gold stars!

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