Get Your Foot in the Door

80 offers a Teacher Apprenticeship Program for those 200, 300 or 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) who are looking to hone their teaching skills. This trade opportunity will allow you to improve your yoga practice by attending classes on a regular basis, at no charge. In exchange, you will learn and teach the 80 SET Sequence.

The SET Sequence was designed to help maintain and advance the practice of beginner, intermediate and advanced students.

Once you have learned the SET Sequence, class times will be made available for you to start teaching. Teaching will be performed on an ongoing trade basis until it is determined by the 80 management, a paid position is available.

Program requirements and obligations for Teacher Apprentice

  1. Minimum 200-Hour RYT certification.
  2. Practice yoga on a regular schedule at yoga80 (primarily the SET Sequence).
  3. Proficiently learn the yoga80 SET Sequence and teach 1-2 classes per week.

Contact information

Robert Pastor

yoga80 reserves the right to determine who is eligible to participate in the Teacher Apprenticeship Program and whether or not there will be a paid teacher position for any approved apprentice.

Practice schedule and class times to teach will be determined in coordination between the apprentice and the management of yoga80

yoga80 makes no guarantees upon completion of the Teacher Apprenticeship Program a paid teaching position will be available.